“Guardians of the Galaxy” – Boldly Going Where We’ve Gone Before


At the height of their powers, the corporate overlords of Marvel Entertainment have decided to show that they in fact, have a sense of humor about themselves. The “Marvel Cinematic Universe,” a series of interconnected blockbuster adaptations of Marvel comic and superhero properties, was never truly lacking comedy; however most of these films are built on a foundation of self-seriousness and unwavering devotion to the source material. The comic book studio seems to fear that if the “sacredness” of its fiction isn’t diligently guarded, both fans and the uninitiated may start questioning whether all these fellows in color-coded spandex merit quite so much attention. As such few of the films ever take a risk in terms of providing a welcome spin on the material or using these properties to achieve something a little more ambitious than offering triple-A form blockbuster fun.

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