Who is the “Sicario” in this Murky Crime Thriller?

Any research on the “war on drugs” ends up yielding the revelation that what should be a simple “cops vs crooks” battle is in actuality a murky and often confusing labyrinth that really expands to “order vs chaos.” Sicario is an ominous crime thriller from Canadian director Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners, Enemy) and it plays a lot less like the model for movies about the conflict between cops and drug dealers than it is the surgical grafting of Steven Soderbergh’s anti-drug opus Traffic and Kathryn Bigelow’s morally ambiguous portrait of the “war on terror” Zero Dark Thirty. Villeneuve applies his cerebral sensibilities to the model laid out in gritty old-school muscular crime dramas like The French Connection and the results equal his most accomplished film to date. Sicario is an at times frustrating work that keeps it’s audiences in the dark as they are posed with questions & conundrums: How far should we go to protect our livelihood? And what are we actually protecting when we decide there are no rules?

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