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A Communications & Film grad working as a professional digital media specialist/content marketer. I have an enduring passion for all things arts and media ranging from film and high minded literature, all the way to comics and videogames! I’m always looking for new outlets to share my enthusiasm and my passion for serious discussion about the arts. I believe that every creative work, “good” or “bad” has something to say and can be enriching experiences that help us further understand more about each other and our relationships with the arts and world/ culture when we talk about them.


10 thoughts on “About Me”

    1. I miss you all too! But commenting on Disqus was eating WAAAAY to much time and I’m trying to keep more and more stuff private online as I move up professionally.


    1. It’s funny because I’m literally sitting on a several blog posts that are in fact…



  1. I just figured I would drop by and say hello, if it’s not too weird to have tracked you down like this. I was sick recently and what entertained me through it was endless youtube drag performances and videos, plus Drag Race itself. So naturally I was thinking of you and wanted to say hello, make sure that you were OK, say that if you ever want to get in touch I am pretty easily found on tumblr, that sort of thing. I hope that you and your girlfriend are well, and that you never for a moment felt unwelcome at BMD (and if anyone there made you feel that for a second they and I are going to have words).


    1. Hey Arzner!!! Nice to hear from you again! All is well, we’re moving up career-wise so that means we have to be more discerning with our web presence so I closed a lot of my online accounts including DISQUS. Glad you’re doing well too and we hope everyone else is on BMD is and will continue use having some of the best film/pop culture discussions out there. I’ll definitely check out your Tumblr and I hope you follow my blog too, I’ll have posts on A BIGGER SPLASH, DHEEPAN, BELLADONNA OF SADNESS (and THE WITCH as point of comparison), FAN, ALWAYS SHINE KNIGHT OF CUPS, GREEN ROOM in the next few days.

      Oh and post a DRAG RACE gif on BMD from us, this season has been the best in a while!


      1. Glad to hear that you’ve been well, and I totally understand why you had to leave. I’ll be sure to follow you, and again, I’m just happy to know that you are both fine, as I did really like the both of you and was worried for a while that something had happened, either in physical space or in the digital realm. So I just wanted to make sure everything was going well for you, as I have already revealed myself to be an embarrassingly earnest person.

        And as far as Drag Race is concerned this might be the most concentrated group of talent they’ve had. I will always have a soft spot for seasons 3, 4, and 6, but 8 has been genuinely great. Though Derrick’s narrative function was tenuous at times.

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      2. Derrick’s an interesting case. Sort of represents a lot of the criticisms that a lot of queens who specialize in impersonation face. Unfortunately only good at one act, I was hoping that the season world push Derrick out of the comfort zone and possibly reveal…something but that’s sadly not what happened. I remember seeing Chad Michaels and going “oh, they can do way more than Cher, who knew?” but Derrick never had that moment though not for lack of trying.


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