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Top 20 Movies of 2014

2014 world events had ups and downs, as did the collective art and media of our time. However, if you love movies as much as many others and I do, or simply are looking for engaging escapism to immerse yourself in, there actually were plenty of options to choose from. At the end of every year and the beginning of the next everyone from serious critics to the random passerby begins to form a “top list” of the movies they had seen. It is a celebration of the movies we enjoyed and a fun means to bring certain works to the attentions of their peers or to compare and contrast each experience they had at the movies. It’s not so much that these lists are some deep evaluation, but rather an entertaining way to group the stuff we like or rather what I liked.

So, here are the 20 films from 2014 I experienced & enjoyed and hope others check out:

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“INTERSTELLAR”- Christopher Nolan Enters a New Frontier


If Interstellar is filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s (Memento, Inception, The Prestige) most ambitious film, it’s not because of its cost or its intergalactic scope, but rather because “love” is the most speculative and unscientific concept that he’s ever tried to explore. When Nolan was recently quoted as saying that his film is about “What happens when scientists bump up against these things that defy easy characterization and analysis — things like love”, his comment engendered skepticism from people whose enthusiasm for “the next Nolan film” was irrevocably hampered by the increasingly derided Batman-threequel The Dark Knight Rises. And while Interstellar drowns itself into near Speilberg-levels of sentimentality almost every time it’s on the precipice of arriving at a moment of cinematic wonder, Nolan’s approach to love is ultimately as blunt and practical as we should expect from the man who in Inception imagined the human subconscious into a labyrinth of color-coded videogame worlds. However it’s the core of Interstellar that presents a change of pace from his oeuvre: it doesn’t just contend that love is real; the film argues that it’s an evolutionary necessity.

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