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Cinderella: You’ll Believe in Magic Again

It takes a special type of magic to take something familiar and transform it into something extraordinary. And that is precisely what Kenneth Branagh did with his live-action adaptation of Disney’s Cinderella. To use a metaphor: the fabric of the story remains familiar, but with re-tailoring, it becomes something new and beautiful. This is exactly the Cinderella you know , no twists or turns: from the fairy godmother all the way down to the chubby mouse friends of Cinderella, the glass slippers, the handsome prince and all of the known story beats remain the same. However, this is all elevated by Kenneth Branagh’s direction and Chris Weitz’s sharply written script.. Branagh is know for lavish theatrical experiences that elevate expectations and Weitz is known for young adult fiction and film and together the interpretation they make of the fairy tale feels very much current, smart and timeless all at once.

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